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1UP is a registered non-profit society that has been committed to serving the varied and changing needs of single parent families in the Greater Victoria area since 1978. In a relaxed and supportive house-like setting, the Centre offers a wide selection of programs and free services that assist custodial and non-custodial parents in meeting the needs of their families.

Our Beliefs
1UP believes in offering effective services that accommodate individual differences & respond to changing needs. We believe in the strength and integrity of single parents and their families. We offer a welcoming place where all single parents can gather.When it’s all said and done, we transform lives and provide help to those who need it. Guided by a skilled and committed board, we fill the gaps in social services to create a foundation for personal and community growth. Our many varied programs are intended to provide education, support and experience to single parents and caregivers so that they can raise happier, healthier families.



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602 Gorge Rd. East
Victoria, BC V8T 2W6

P: (250) 385-1114
E: info@1-up.ca

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