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 1Up is relocating. But, not yet...

Dear Friends,
I have big news to share with you … 1Up Victoria Single Parent Resource Centre is relocating! We have talked about it for many years and now we are ready to go for it. 
The first step is to sell our 602 Gorge Rd. East home. And that, I must confess, hurts quite a bit. All our staff, volunteers, donors, and single parents love our current home. In many ways, this rambling old brick house suits us so well … it is comfortable and welcoming, bright and cheerful, with enough room for our free bread and clothing rooms, classrooms, and airy offices for counselling. No one wants to say goodbye to these good things. 
But as long as we are here, we cannot offer child minding (a significant drawback for a parent centre, don’t you agree?). When participating in a course or attending a counselling session, single parents will soon be able to drop their kids off and then focus on their work knowing that their wee ones are nearby, playing and having fun while being kept safe by ECE trained child minders. Further, 1Up currently lacks a kitchen. We need one so that we can offer cooking classes, share meals, and provide a cozy spot for single parents to grab a coffee and gab with a friend. Good food is key for healthy families and kitchens are so important socially! And then there is the dire parking situation. Yikes! That jam-packed parking lot eloquently tells the tale of how 1Up has outgrown this building. With all the people that come through our doors each day - single parent moms and dads, children, volunteers, staff, clothing donors, students, mentors, bread delivery - it becomes clear that we need more space!
Have we found our new home? Not yet. But the hunt is on. We promise to keep you posted and if you know a place that might work, please let us know. Ideas are welcome! Send your tips to 
Although we will be sad to leave our current home, we are so excited at the prospect of a new one! We will offer all our current services and be able to do the things we’ve only dreamt of before. While 602 Gorge is a house that has given us much for many years, our next home, wherever it is, will have the most necessary ingredient that makes a place a home, guaranteed, because we will take all our people with us. Together, we make 1Up what it is … warm, welcoming, a safe and supportive place for struggling single parent families to get the help they need. That won’t change even when our address does.
With kind regards (and the promise of more news to come),

Christine Kenwood, Executive Director





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Thank you to everyone for all of your continued support. We are very proud to be an integral part of the community and we couldn't do the great job we do - without YOU!


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Tall Tales Books - Hero Soceity

Since December, we've received a huge selection of new books worth hundreds of dollars thanks the members of Tall Tales Books' Hero Society. This innovative program lets individuals donate books to chosen charities. And 1Up is one of the lucky recipients. Thanks to Drew at Tall Tales, many of our single parent families now have new books at home to enjoy for years to come. Thank you, Heros!


Youth in Philanthropy Initiative (YPI)

 We've been awarded a $5,000 grant after the team of Brynn Featherstone, Katrina Brindle and Abbey Sadler, beat out nearly 175 of their Grade 11 classmates last week in a unique competition sponsored by the (YPI). These remarkable women are definitely on their way to changing the world for the better! 





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