Jenny’s Story

Jenny decided that she wanted her son to benefit from having closer contact with his father and the extended family that came along with that so she moved with her son to Vancouver Island. Initially they lived near Bowser but found the experience too isolating so moved again to Victoria which has suited them better. With several moves in short order, Jenny found herself isolated, without friends and overwhelmed with the chaos that moving brings. She also felt that she and her son had completely lost all of their routines that had been well established before the moves.
Upon arriving in Victoria, Jenny first focused on helping her son get the support that he needed through getting him established in school, counselling and helping arrange opportunities to make friendships. This meant that her own feelings of isolation were still there.
Jenny heard about 1Up by Googling resources in Victoria and found our organization online. She found out about counselling at 1Up at the time that she first became a member. During the counselling intake process Jenny identified that she wanted help with communicating with others, boundary setting and was seeking ways to lead a “balanced life.”
As Jenny has been making her way through her 10 counselling sessions she has been able to communicate her expectations with others more clearly. She has also identified 3 key areas that she wants to focus on in her life to help bring more balance to it. Jenny has been trying new ways of involving her son in activities at home that help them move through their day more easily and communicate more openly with each other. Jenny says that what she has really appreciated about her counselling experience with 1Up is to have “someone else to talk to “, who could offer “another point of view, re-assurance and clarity”.

**name changed to protect the identities of member