A Donor Story

Supporting Parents – A Donor Story

After many years of medical practice, dealing with birth and death and all the in-between, I have gained a perspective on those things in life that present a challenge. My wife and I have raised four children, mainly doing the job together with greater input from her during the daytime routine. We worked hard at this job because it was so demanding. Whenever we did it on our own, it was exhausting. We can only marvel at the strength and resolve that a single parent must have to manage this task on their own.

My encounters with women (and a few men as well) who are single parents have impressed me to such a profound degree that supporting their efforts by financially sponsoring the 1Up Single Parent Resource Centre seemed like a ‘no brainer’. Knowing some of the people involved with the organization and knowing the intent of 1Up made it very easy for us to give to help these individuals. When one thinks about the lives involved, it makes it very easy to support this group, especially if one wishes to sponsor a local charity. Single parents are unsung heroes – but even heroes need support.

B. Shoichet