1Up Victoria Single Parent Resource Centre is a registered non-profit charity that has been committed to serving the varied and changing needs of single parent families in the Greater Victoria area since 1978. We provide practical support, opportunities for growth and a sense of hope to one-parent families across Greater Victoria. Guided by skilled and committed staff and trained volunteers, 1Up offers important services to create foundations for personal and community growth in a welcoming and non-judgmental environment. We are committed to offering effective services that accommodate individual differences and respond to changing needs. Currently we are serving over 1,800 families in the Greater Victoria community.


Our work transforms lives by creating stronger families and healthier children. It provides hope and the promise of a brighter future for parents and children, not just today, but well into tomorrow creating a stronger and more vibrant community in the process.

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1Up believes in offering effective services that accommodate individual differences and that are responsive to the rapidly changing needs of our growing one-parent families.

Daily, we see parents’ fierce determination to raise happy, healthy kids and we offer the strength-based, trauma-informed programs and services they need to succeed.


All this in a welcoming atmosphere where friendships develop and community thrives.