Practical Support Fund

Over 50% of single parents access our services while they are in a state of crisis. Practical support fulfills three main purposes:

  1. It helps to make ends meet. Going from two incomes to one, or going from providing for one home to two is a shock for anyone and often impossible for lower income families.
  2. It takes some of the immediate stress off the parent so that they can focus on counselling, parenting skills and making the connections that they need.
  3. It gives hope. As parent Kristi said about receiving a Christmas hamper for her and her daughter, Alexus “It makes me feel like there is goodness in the world, makes me feel supported to make changes”


Practical support is part of 1Up’s mandate, along with education and empowerment.

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Moms and Mentors Fund

Our MOMentum Series, Moms and Mentors program matches volunteer mentors with isolated single moms who would like extra support, guidance, information, and friendship.                                                   

 Who are the Mentors?

The Mentors are life-experienced mothers who volunteer a few hours of their time each week for a year to a single mom, sharing in the good times and offering support and an ear in the more challenging times. They are compassionate, interested in learning more about mentoring, accepting of others, and they are good listeners.

Who are the Moms?

The Moms are women who reach out and take a risk to to find the support they need to improve their lives. There are no age restrictions; their child may be an infant or they may have teenage children. They may have full custody, shared custody, or may be working toward gaining custody of their child/ren.


I’ve benefited most from my relationship with my mentor, as I think we were perfectlymatched. She gives me inspiration when I need it, she’s always a great listener of all my worries and stresses being a single mom, she’s got this natural connection with my son and she’s just great to spend time with in general.  I think every mom should be a part of this group” – Moon Merrell

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