Give At Work

1Up Victoria Single Parent Resource Centre has many opportunities for your workplace to make contributions. Please read on below to see which opportunity will work for you.


Does your work place provide matching gifts for your donations or volunteer time? 1Up will work with you to ensure your support is matched. Contact Sarah Downey at or call (250) 385-1114  ext. 224

Christmas Hampers

are an idea team builder and way to make a positive impact on a family at a very stressful time of year. 1Up Christmas Hampers are unique in that we match you up with a family and provide you with a detailed description about them and their needs. How amazing is it when the child receives what they have wanted (and a sense of hope) during a time when they may have been feeling helpless. Contact e? 1Up will work with you to ensure your support is matched. Contact Sarah Downey by November 15th at or call (250) 385-1114  ext. 224

Plan An Event

Independent Special Events, or third-party fundraisers, are a very important component of the fundraising activities of 1Up. Fundraising events held by individuals, employee groups and our community partners allow 1Up to increase our capacity to support single parent families access counselling, connections and practical support. Your time, energy and contributions help make all this possible.

Corporate Sponsorship

can highlight your good work in the community while providing for families. We have a Community Relations Team of volunteers whose purpose is to raise awareness of 1Up in the community while highlighting the valuable contributions that our corporate sponsors have made. We can also provide exposure using our social media pages, website and newsletter.

Family Sponsorship

For an ongoing monthly commitment or annual payment, you can sponsor one or more of the 1800+ families that 1Up serves. Your group will be featured on our Facebook Page and emailed (or mailed) a newsletter full of success stories several times throughout the year. You may choose one of the following pledge levels:

  • $20/month for a one-child family;
  • $50/month for a two-child family;
  • $75/month for a three-child family;
  • $100/month for a four-child family or one with special needs.

To begin your pledge please click below for our secure donation page.