Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to complete a membership to use 1Up's services?

Yes. As of October 2020, 1Up has a new, online membership form making it easier than ever to become a member at 1Up.

How do I become a member?

CLICK HERE to fill out our membership application. After completing the form, you need to email a copy or photo of a recent document to confirm your single parent status. 

What document should I send to confirm my single parent status?

Any recent document that indicates you are a parent and your current marital status. Examples include:
CRA Profile Screenshot
Child Care Benefit (CCB) notice
GST Credit Notice
– Custody Agreement
– Divorce or Separation Agreement

How do I send a copy of my document?

If you do not have an electronic copy of a document, such as a PDF attachment, you can a screenshot of the page or document that indicates your marital status (eg: CCB Notice, GST Notice, or Custody Agreement).
You can also take a picture of a paper document or completed Confirmation of Single Parent Status Form.
Your document, picture, or screenshot can be emailed to In the subject line, include your first & last name and “INTAKE/RENEWAL”

Here’s an example of a GST Notice screenshot:

Here’s an example of a CRA ‘My Account’ Profile screenshot:


Where do I send my document?

Email a copy of your document to In the subject line, include your first & last name and “INTAKE/RENEWAL”

Here’s an example of what your email should look like:

What happens after I email my personal document to 1UP?

We value your privacy. Your document showing your single parent status is matched to your membership application. Once staff have viewed your single parent status confirmation document, your membership is then confirmed. Your email, with all accompanying files, will then be permanently deleted.

How long do you keep my personal document on file?

Your email and documents will not be saved for longer than one week. Once staff have confirmed your single parent status for your membership, your email and documents will be permanently deleted. Your  document will not be shared with, or seen, by anyone other than 1Up Staff.

CALL or EMAIL us if you have any questions or require assistance.