Moms and Mentors

MOMentum Series: Moms & Mentors matches isolated single moms, who are often grappling with poverty as well as the emotional and psychological difficulties that so often accompany relationship dissolution, with volunteer Mentors for friendship, support, and positive role modeling. Through participating in the mentorship program, the Moms develop the capacity to form strong community connections and develop positive living skills which increase their self-reliance and resiliency and help them become stronger individuals and mothers.

Each year, thirty to thirty-five moms with are matched with mentors to form close relationships that foster the development of the moms’ innate parenting capacities. Our non-judgmental, strength-based approach helps moms recognize and harness the inner resources they already possess to be loving with their children. The MOMentum series promotes the value of volunteerism by carefully matching moms with volunteer women from the community who act as Mentors, and receive ongoing training and support from our program coordinator. The moms and Mentors make a year-long commitment to meet weekly for support, friendship, and fun.

To further strengthen the unique community established within the program, all the Moms and Mentors (and their kids) gather together monthly at a local community centre to share a nutritious meal and listen to speakers on a variety of relevant topics (from cooking on a shoestring budget to financial literacy to container vegetable growing to adolescent sexual health, the topics covered range from the practical and useful to the joyful). While the Moms and Mentors are enjoying some “adult time”, the kids are playing and making friends themselves under the watchful eyes of fully-trained ECE-qualified childcare providers. All of this is provided to our single moms and kids, free of charge.

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