Smile Cards


Buy your groceries with our Thrifty Foods Smile Card and assist 1Up to purchase food vouchers for single parent families.

How does the Smile Card program work?

  • Ask us for a Thrifty Foods Smile Card.
  • Take your card to your local Thrifty Foods and ask the cashier or customer service to load any amount you wish onto the card. Thrifty Foods will donate an amount equal to 5% of the dollar amount you load on your Smile Card to 1Up.
  • Pay for your groceries with your Smile Card. When your card balance is running low, load it again and continue supporting 1Up every time you shop!

When the card balance is running low, load it again to continue to support your group every time you shop! It’s that simple!


To get your Smile Card, email Trevor Tuckwell at or call (250) 385-1114 ext. 222 and we’ll have one sent to you.